As part of my work in critical digital literacies, in addition to research, I also use various mediums for storytelling, art expression, and creative work. Such mediums include, photography, graphic design, educational modules, and visualizations. 

Here is a selected collection of visual projects over the years. 



A Digital Humanities Visualization: Deconstruct to Reconstruct: Examining Collective Digital Archives to Tell Herstory (2020)

I created this visual representation that Deconstruct digital media tweets to Reconstruct the words to create a new meaning of it, telling a different story of it that connects with its previous meaning, but also create a continuation of it to give a broader perspective than what a tweet can tell. In this way, the goal of the project is to engage the audience with questions about data, methods, and software usage for building stories. 

Full link to project and video

Visual art installation in “An Overwhelming Experience: The Human-Earth Relationship”, curated by Maria Apostolidis. 64th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society: Education Beyond the Human (CIES2020).

Future in Light of Desert 2050

Texts, Patterns, and Music (2010-2020)

Ethics, Politics, and Science (2016) 

The goal of the visual project to spark ethical questions about using animals for research purposes in academia and industry. Throughout my project, I created a narrative in which the animal in a lab is controlling human beings, to make the audience be in the shoes of these animals: What if we think in their shoes?