Dr. Areej Mawasi (she/her/hers)

Neubauer Lecturer (tenure-track)

Faculty of Technion's Education in Science and Technology

Fellow, Career Advancement Chair at the Technion (CAC)

Researcher of learning sciences, educational technology & digital media, critical STEAM education, design-based research methodologies, AI in society

Ph.D. in Learning, Literacies, and Technologies, Arizona State University 2021

Email: am at areejm dot com

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Dr. Areej Mawasi is a Neubauer Lecturer and head of the "Co-Design and Interactive Learning Lab" at Technion's Faculty of Education in Science and Technology. Dr. Mawasi  studies learners engagement and designs learning environments with objects and tools like technologies, games, and hands-on artifacts. In her research, she focuses on the intersection of learning sciences, technologies and digital media, design-based methods, AI in society, and critical Science and Technology education. 

Dr. Mawasi studies co-design processes towards equitable participation in STEM Education. In her design-based research work with educators and learners, she examines: (1) how critical and ethical exploration of AI technologies among teachers and learners support their thinking of AI role in society, its sociopolitical and ethical implications, and reimagination of technologies; (2) learners interactive engagement in transdiciplinary learning enviornments.

Dr. Mawasi was a Postdoc Research Associate in learning sciences,  co-design methodology, AI technology literacies, and equity in NSF National AI Institute for Student-AI Teaming at CU Boulder Institute of Cognitive Science. Areej has been working  on participatory and co-design based methodologies to study and implement justice oriented AI units with youth and teachers in classrooms and out of school workshops.


Dr. Mawasi completed her PhD in Learning, Literacies, and Technologies at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University in 2021 and her master's degree at ASU MLFTC in Educational Technology. She was a Fulbright Scholar at ASU and fellow of the Interdisciplinary Enrichment Fellowship. In ASU, she worked at Center for Science and the Imagination, focusing on learning sciences, ethics and responsible innovation, and public engagement with science & technology research. Dr. Mawasi has BA degree in Business Administration and Education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Outside of academia, Dr. Mawasi is publicly engaged in writing about topics around technology in society and education. She also gives lectures and facilitates workshops on education, future of technology, and design.

Fellowships and honors:

2023 ISLS Emerging Scholars Award
2022 - 2024 Technion's Career Advancement Chair Fellow 

2020 Dissertation Research Award, "Learning, Literacies and Technologies". MLFTC, ASU, USA.  

2019 Educationa Leadership and Policy Studies Fellowship Award, MLFTC, ASU, USA.

2019 Outstanding Research Award and Outstanding Mentor Award. Graduate College and Graduate & Professional Student Association

2017 – 2018 Interdisciplinary Enrichment Fellowship Award, ASU, USA.

2015 – 2017 Fulbright Outreach Program Award, Institute of International Education, USA.

Media and Public Engagement

نحو تعزيز النهج التشاركي في عمل المؤسسات

(in Arabic) والمتاحف، مؤسسة القطان

Topic: Participatory research and design for science learning in informal environments. Organized by Science Studio at Qattan Foundation. 

(in Arabic) مقتطفات من مداخلة حول السياسات الرقمية 

Topic: technology policies and user experience

The Future of Image Making in the Hi-Tech Age:

Next Generation Panel 

Palestine Cinema Days, Qattan Foundation & FilmLab

 التكنولوجيا الرقمية: صراع مع خصوصية الإنسان

  بتنظيم مركز حملة بالتعاون مع دويتشه فيلله-  (in Arabic)


Topic: Digital technologies: tensions with human privacy. Organized by 7amleh - the Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media in collaboration with Deutsche Welle.  

(in Arabic) مداخلة حول الاضطهاد الالكتروني

Topic: on digital oppression 

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